ImageInTheWindowJEREMY COOPER IS A PERSONAL TRAINER at a gym in Portland. He’s taking a trip to Boston, for some time away after dealing with a family tragedy. While there, the closeted young bodybuilder meets Branson, a mysterious, big, gorgeous man. Branson and Jeremy hit it off. Jeremy enjoys the freedom of being on the opposite coast, away from his mother and friends.

Yet situations in Jeremy’s family, specifically with his cousin Eric, cause Jeremy to question himself more than ever. Although in his mid-20’s, Jeremy has yet to extricate himself from his family’s almost rabid disapproval of gays. Branson strongly encourages Jeremy to come out, but Jeremy has seen what his family does to wayward members. Yet Branson… he’s irresistible.

When Jeremy returns home to Portland, things start to go south. Eric isn’t done with his “issues,” and Jeremy gets a taste of homophobia from his best friend. Just when things look the bleakest for Jeremy and Branson’s budding relationship, things get exponentially worse, causing Jeremy to question not only the wisdom of coming out, but also to question what this Branson guy might be hiding.

Image in the Window throws some surprising twists and turns as Jeremy learns more about Branson, but most importantly, about himself.


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