SEAN REID SCOTT is a gay romance writer from Portland. Born at a young age (about nine months, actually), Sean has never lived outside of Multnomah County, where he was born and raised. Whether it’s the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest, or the fascinating people in the area, Sean finds his muse everywhere. And the incessant drizzle of the Portland area often pushes Sean in from the rain, affording him lots of writing time.

Sean has been writing his stories for millennia. Literally. He published his first Internet stories way back in the second millennium (1996 to be precise). Now, in the third millennium (a.k.a. the 21st century), he continues to spin his yarns—usually while he’s holding forth at one of the local coffee shops near his home. Although he’s dabbled in other genres (check out his middle-earth gay, Monarchy Rae trilogy), romance is at Sean’s heart. And well, being gay and all… Sean definitely loves to write M/M, feel-good love stories.

When he’s not writing, Sean loves to read, walk his two Shih Tzus, take naps (with the aforementioned pups at his side) and generally connect with family and friends. He’s retired from his “real” job, and now has loads of time to apply fingers to keyboard.

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